Rodríguez de Castro Abogados provides advice and supervision services to individuals and companies before and after the purchase or sale a property. We are also qualified and certified in real estate management.

Therefore, we fully arrange the purchase and sale of the property, including the preparation of the contracts before the execution of the purchase or sale deed, the appropriate procedural steps with notaries, the settlement of the applicable taxes, the hiring of the utilities for the property, the payment of bills, taxes and any other duties and the registration of the property with the Land Registry.

  • Legalisation of properties
  • Proceedings for the Declaration of the Title of a Property
  • First Registration of Properties and Reestablishment of the Chain of Title
  • Legal Advice for the Transfer and Acquisition of Properties
  • Real Estate Investments in Spain
  • Declaration of New Construction
  • Notarised Attendance Records
  • Registration Services
  • Arrangements with the Spanish Public Administration and Regulatory Entities
  • Advice to apply for the EU Resident status

 Rodríguez de Castro Abogados: 

Experts in Real Estate Law and Property Registration

Leave the purchase of a property in our expert hands.

Rodríguez de Castro Abogados protects your interests by providing you with advice for your real estate project.

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